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The following plastics are currently in use for a variety of applications: organic PA, PP, natural PP, PVDF, ECTFE, PTFE, PFA and PEEK. They feature numerous advantages due to their high-tech properties and are often used where other materials fail.

For handling aggressive media in potentially explosive environments, our products are available in electrically conductive material variants of PP, PVDF and PTFE. To prevent electrostatic charges from accumulating, these high-performance materials are equipped with electrically conducting particles. Our products made of fluoroplastics are an optimum solution for outdoor applications, as they are resistant to UV radiation.

ECTFE, PFA, PVDF and PTFE are heat and pressure-resistant in addition and can be sterilized in an autoclave without difficulty. Out products made of PEEK can withstand high mechanical loads.


The great adversity of our connectors with various connection principles makes it possible to connect flexible tubes or pipes made of many different materials safely and reliably – even with high industry requirements.

Shutting Off

The design of the shut-off products from emtechnik impress with their very good leak tightness and their compact construction. The media flow is safely and reliably shut off and is very conductive to flow inside the products.


Our products are used wherever gas and liquid flows have to be regulated – particularly when in applications with aggressive media. Even very low flow rates can be precisely regulated.


Our filters can be used for a wide range of applications and are safe and easy to handle. They reliably clean gasses and liquids and are available as particle filters or coalescence filters. Various filter grades are available for specific applications.


The emtechnik fittings precisely measure volumetric flows or pressure and provide exact measurement results. They are used in various pressure measurement ranges and can easily be integrated into existing applications.


Manifolds from emtechnik are the ideal partner whenever media are distributed or collected. Depending on the application, the medium can either distributed directly or shut off as required using the appropriate fittings.